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Summer Staycation - Zoo After Dark
Saturday, August 6th, 6:30-10:00 PM
Woodland Park Zoo

Cost: $40

Official Zoo Class Name: Stealthy Science: Research after Dark
(Cost: $38.00 plus $2.00 registration fee for a total of $40.00)

With your Q-Squared friends, join a group of field researchers-in-training for an expedition at the zoo. Learn about tools and techniques used by scientists to study animals in the wild. Hone your tracking skills while prowling the zoo.

Registration: This event is open to the public, there are 40 spaces available. So, if you are interested please register yourselves quickly.

Each man should regsiter himself at: https://education.zoo.org/iebms/reg/reg_p1_form.aspx?oc=10&ct=EDSCHOOL&eventid=31596


The name of the zoo class event is: Stealthy Science: Research after Dark

Please put in troop 8 with your registration so we can count how many men will be joining us.

Come socialize before the event! Colby’s house for a Potluck at 4:30 PM. For those who would like, you are invited to a potluck at the co host, Colby Wilk

Interested parties should email Colby directly.

Colby’s E-mail: colbywilk@gmail.com

! Q-Squared Men Charts New Path Forward

May 05, 2016 Seattle, Washington

Q-Squared Men, a local non-profit announced today the start of a new program focus featuring local day trips with an emphasis on leadership development. The full details for the program will be presented on Saturday, May 21st in an evening event they are calling Q-Nite.

Since its founding in 2004, Q-Squared Men sponsored CAMP, a Labor Day Weekend getaway for gay, bisexual, and transgender men and Q-Spring a spring retreat serving that same population. In March of this year the Q-Squared board made the decision to suspend the planning of both events. “We want to make it clear to our supporters and past attendees that our organization is not ending,” said Murray Anderson, president and chair of Q-Squared Men, “it is only changing. Our programs have always been a response to a need in the community, this new focus is meant to address a need for leadership development in a fun way.”

Rather than invest in two events that span several nights, Q-Squared is sponsoring a series of day trips to local destinations in the Seattle and Puget Sound area. The Q-Squared board invites local gay, bisexual, and transgender men who want to be part of these day trips and who want to explore the theme of leadership to attend the Q-Nite kick-off on Saturday May 21st.

The event will be Saturday, May 21st at Central Lutheran Church. Address 1710 11th Avenue, Seattle WA 98122. Program starts at 6:30. Light refreshments will be served.

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